Q; How long will my mask take to receive?
A; As little as one week and up to four weeks depending how close it is to Halloween. We have always posted a Halloween 'cut off' date when we feel that we cannot deliver anymore masks on time for Halloween.

Q; Can I make a request on my mask?
A; Sure, just contact me directly and we'll work out all the details.
(Please note that your mask may take longer to create since being customized to your specs.)

Q; Am I able to get a retired mask?
A; It all depends on the mask.

Q; How do I get my mask to hold it's shape?
A; Stuff it with plastic shopping bags and place on a stand. Stands can be as simple as a plastic soda bottle or an actual custom mask stand.

Q; How do I care for my mask?
A; Every CGP mask comes with a complete care sheet.